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My Creative World

Hi, my name is Jennifer Payne, owner and operator of

Crat-ive Gifts. 

The last few years have definitely made an impact on all of us!  My life, as a result, has taken an unexpected turn for the better.  I never pictured myself owning a business or having any goals to become an entrepreneur but one day I got a creative idea and then, that’s all I could think about. After numerous sleepless nights, and having so many ideas running through my head, I finally took the plunge and started my business, Crat-ive Gifts.  

With the pandemic, society changed as a whole and priorities were adjusted.  There have been a lot of positives to pull from those struggling times.  Consumers have a huge focus on shopping locally, they want to repurpose what they buy and people are always looking for convenience.

My other goal was to put smiles on faces.  It may sound corny but I really want to feel good about what I do every day.  

Putting this business together has been fun, exhausting and worth it!  I love becoming a local business that supports other local businesses. We like to think that these gifts embody the passion shared by us and other local businesses here in Newfoundland.

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